• Insurance for 911 & Rescue Squads

  • VFIS offers a progressive portfolio of insurance protection and specialized services designed for 911 dispatching centers.
    • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage for Buildings
    • Building Ordinance
    • Full Replacement for Personal Effects
    • Flood and Earthquake Coverage
    Portable Equipment
    • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage
    • Replacement Cost for Members’ Personal Effects
    • Liability Coverage
    • Physical Damage Protection — Agreed Value
    • Excess Coverage for Volunteers/Employees while acting on your behalf
    General Liability
    • Protects Volunteers/Employees when acting on your behalf
    • Protects Dispatching Personnel including failure or refusal to dispatch and dispatching errors
    Professional Health Care Liability
    • Good Samaritan Acts Coverage
    • False Arrest and Slander Coverage

    Management Liability
    • Employment-Related Practices Coverage
    • Protects Volunteers/Employees when acting on your behalf
    • Coverage for Wrongful Acts
    Allegations including Limited Non- Monetary Damages
    • Excess Outside Directorship Coverage
    • Cyber Liability and Privacy Crisis Management Expense Coverage
    Excess Liability
    • Excess Liability over Automobile Liability, General Liability, and Management Liability
    • Up to $10,000,000
    Accident and Sickness
    Group Term/Long-Term Disability
    Education and Training Services
    • Growth Management/Impact Studies
    • Mergers and Consolidations
    • Risk Assessment